Swedish elections 2018 far below European standard

Michael Aastrup Jensen – Arkivfoto: Niels Ahlmann Olesen

Michael Aastrup Jensen a Danish politician (left) from OSCE says: “I have not seen anything that comes close to how undemocratic the Swedish voting system is” and “we have to send a sharp signal to Sweden that they need to introduce rules like those in Denmark and most other countries”.


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Aastrup Jensen has experience from elections in many European countries and also Russia but he has never seen anything like the Swedish election.

He states:

“In all the many election observations I’ve been on, I have not seen anything that comes close to how undemocratic the Swedish voting system is”.

“Even though 60 percent voted against the current government Sweden would likely end up with the “unimaginable situation” in which it continues to govern, thanks to parties’ refusal to work with the Sweden Democrats.”

Many media outlets in Sweden and abroad have picked up the news about the Swedish elections 2018 and the fraudulent voting circumstances.

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