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Why Have Insect-Delivered Diseases Tripled Since 2004?

By Catherine J. Frompovich In May of 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published some rather interesting demographic data regarding insect-delivered diseases – basically those diseases have tripled since 2004 [1-2]! https://youtu.be/mLumut2nQMs?t=17 …

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How The “News” Is Made And Reported

If you are a “news hound” or, perhaps, a news skeptic, you, undoubtedly, think you know what the ‘real’ news really is!  Well, much of the news today is manufactured, ‘sanitized’ and even censored.  Don’t …

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The “FREE” Press Is NOT Free…

The “FREE” Press Is NOT Free To Tell The Facts About Vaccines By Catherine J. Frompovich Ever since the U.S. Congress gave the U.S. pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturers a “get out of jail free” card …

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Legal Precedent To Sue Vaccine Makers?

Will Opioid Lawsuits By County Officials Against Big Pharma Set Legal Precedent To Sue Vaccine Makers? By Catherine J. Frompovich “They know what they’ve been doing. They’ve been misrepresenting the dangers of these dangerous addictive …

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Home Surveillance Using AMI Smart Meters

A Patent Exists To Provide Home Surveillance Using AMI Smart Meters By Catherine J. Frompovich AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) Smart Meters (AMI SMs) are being forced on to everyone’s home, apartment, condo and businesses in …

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It’s Time For Wearing Tin Foil Hats

It’s Really Time For Wearing REAL Tin Foil Hats The preeminent mockery touted about those who know the health dangers of microwaves and their radiofrequencies is to refer to them as “tin foil hatters”.  Well, …

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FCC: Asleep At The Switch

By Catherine J. Frompovich The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has dropped the ball regarding safety standards for radiofrequency (RF) limits in the United States.  Furthermore, no risk assessment studies have been performed to my knowledge …

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U.S. Senate To Support GMO Labeling Act

U.S. Senate’s GMO Salmon Labeling Act To Support And Pass Into Law By Catherine J. Frompovich If you are into eating salmon, this information may be of vital importance to you, especially if you don’t …

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Cell Phone Towers

Cell Phone Towers And What You Really Should Know About Them By Catherine J. Frompovich Cell phone microwave towers are popping up everywhere like mushrooms after a spring rain. There are numerous types of towers, …

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The Microwave Industry’s Achilles Heel

Are Electromagnetic Frequencies The Microwave Industry’s Achilles Heel Or The “Allergy de Jour”? By Catherine J. Frompovich As a retired practicing healthcare professional, I think I can consider myself fairly well versed in allergies and …

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