The Choice


 The Choice between Two Things, or is it Three?

In the beginning of this second week of house arrest here in Spain, known globally as social distancing, where I get to go out for a few minutes to the local store to buy food each day, making sure I don’t get too close to anyone, I’ve started to think. I mean it’s obvious that this virus or whatever it is, is nothing compared to past pandemics or even close to the deadly effects of the ‘normal’ flu, so what on Earth is actually going on. Big changes, that’s for sure.

Many years ago, I read of an upcoming split between ‘realities’, where some of humanity moved into a higher frequency and others moved into an increasingly negative one; an ascension if you like. As time went by, I noticed a huge evolution and awakening of millions of people, while the evil in the world also became more palpable and obvious. I thought ah ha, the evil ones with be sucked down into lower realms and the awakened and good will somehow find themselves on a parallel reality of a higher frequency and my gosh, that’s where I intend to be.

And so now here we are in 2020, the year of clear vision, locked down in our houses by a manufactured pandemic as laws are made to destroy the last vestiges of personal freedom we had, in the name of public health. It’s so much easier than using force. Hell, we police ourselves. I can’t take my dog for a walk in the hills in case someone sees me and calls the police who will inflict some huge fine!

Some are in fear during this time, while others are not. Some are panic buying, dressing up in useless masks and plastic bags, while others they are enjoying the peace, reading, meditating etc.…. but everyone is thinking or talking about what all this means. 

The dual camps seem very clear. On the one hand we have the putrid, dystopian, service to self, fear and ego driven AI/Satanic/Elite partnership with their forced vaccines, GMO food, constant surveillance, digital currency, military boot stomping, war, starvation, social credit system from hell, murder, rape and consumption of children and the manufacturing of adrenochrome, human trafficking, debt system of slavery, propaganda mind destroying camps called schools, medicine that destroys health and kills people, fake pandemics, fake climate change propaganda, destruction of the planet and annihilation of the few tribes people who still know how to live in balance with the Earth, chemtrailing, 5G and the use of frequency as a weapon, false flags galore, fake moon landings, underground DUMBS, Smart Cities, repression of journalism etc. etc. It’s totally obvious, horns and all, and no one who actually understands what’s going on would opt for that unless they were part of it and enjoyed the wealth and power of the very few.

On the other hand, we have the Alliance of Light, and Q, and the New Age Movement, talking of draining the swamp, removing the child murdering Satanists, blowing up the DUMBS, ending the banks and the banksters, introduction of the Saint Germain NESARA and GESARA new fair money system with the sharing out of all the stolen wealth to all mankind (that the Saint Germain  faction has been keeping hidden for centuries) and a forgiveness of all debt and the signing of an oath to use the money for humanitarian purposes, a monthly income from the government to cover basic needs, the end of taxation, more luxury, the release of all the repressed technologies of free energy and frequency medicine, the use of natural medicine, the talk of replacing plastic with hemp, the cleaning up of the water, soil and air, the end to all war, the introduction of a benevolent New World government etc.. A changing of the Guard does seem to be happening from all accounts as we stay cooped up safely out of the way of the virus hoax/boogey man in our respective homes under Marshall law. Watching out of our windows as small businesses collapse, people lose their jobs and old people or sick people die from this Corona, we are told the government will save us all. We are just to sit tight and do nothing.

When this house arrest does finally end (I’ve just been told Spain is locked down for a further 3 weeks) anyone with a soul intact and half a brain would jump for the wonderful new system of no money worries right? Of course they would. They would beg for it after what we’ve just been though during the last 2000 years. The rules of the dark side are of course that we have to ask for what they offer, and in this case I suspect we will not only jump at it and hug the people that spearhead this new paradigm. Not only that but Marshall law will be repackaged as good, and injecting people with whatever they like will be mandatory but no problem because it’s also for our own good… and we will be saved from the boogey man man virus.

It all sounds lovely as I say, but could this be the biggest trick ever carried out on the children of the Goddess? We have only ever been given 2 choices by our ‘rulers’ in the past: this religion or another religion (but always a religion rather than real spirituality and connection to the divine) the right party or the left (but no chance to say none at all or even a third option), the choice to vote for an ‘evil’ president/prime minister or the lesser of two evils (but never any chance of electing actual human heart-based people, and if we do, by accident, they get shot), the blue pill or a red pill (but it has to be a pill), this money system or that money system (why not a no-money system as described so well by Tellinger in his book Ubuntu Contributionism?). What about no hierarchies in business and leadership?. What about real medicine? What about using frequencies for technologies that improve our heath rather than kill us? What about making things to last for 100s of years and end to consumerism? What about living a spiritual life? What about living in harmony with nature? What about living healthily for hundreds of years as we were designed to? What about freedom to live where we want? What about not having a pyramid system of power but circles of wise people to lead us into our future? What about choice to live in communities and areas that suit us best? What about really understanding who we are and connecting to the Divine Creatrix? 

And as for this so-called Pandemic. It’s based on lies. It was all set up in in November at the 201 meeting put on by the needle wielding Bill and Melinda Gates and the marvelous philanthropic Rockefeller Foundation, for all the talking heads of the Health world, to pass on the script of what to say and do in the ‘unfortunate’ circumstances of a Corona Virus pandemic. They talked about the military involvement, the changing of laws, the setting up of tent hospitals, and spent quite a lot of time during this meeting discussing how they could shut up the anti-vaxxers and truthers that might disrupt the plan. As for the figures, they are are just silly. Not at all numbers of deaths that would cause any concern, let alone merit a world shut down. More people die of snake bites and rabies than have died of this – especially if you look at who was not ill or dying already.

Wuhan was certainly shocking, but 5G was in operation and a simple turn of the switch would have blasted out 60MHz which removes all oxygen from the blood causing people to drop dead in the street as we saw on the videos. By the way how did these videos get out of China has a firewall around its internet?

Hospitals are said to be full but here in Spain a friend of mind went to one when he actually got a lung infection they said was the virus (but they don’t know as there is no accurate test) and saw 2 other people (both engrossed in their cell phones) in a waiting room the size of a basket ball court. I see online clinics who say they are testing loads of people lined up outside by in reality no one in there. I hear drones were spraying low dose sarin gas in Italy and that the so-called virus somehow killed 15 top ministers in the Iranian government. How is that even statistically possible? 

How odd is it that Obama and Bill Gates brought out the Pandemic series on Netflix just as this all kicked off? How strange is it that a few months ago Bill gates said there was a pandemic on the horizon that would kill millions? How disturbing is that a company in the UK called Pirbright owns the patent of this virus, or how bizarre that there was a lab making the virus in Wuhan? 

Now, we can go on and on about all the anomalies and weirdness of this manufactured ‘pandemic’ but the point is, if the new system being offered is truly good, why is it being ushered in on a foundation of lies and hoaxes? Why not just say, ok we’ve rounded up the nasty elite that’s been causing all the trouble and now we are going to set up new human based system. Why does the herd (that’s us) need to be locked up, and scared and half the world turned into a frequency feast for the Beast first? It makes no sense. It’s also so seductive, very seductive…. easy money, easy life, new toys, a cuddly, ‘friendly’ New World Order. Who else is very seductive? 

So, back to the choice we are going to be making. After all these fake choices of A or B in our past, is the second choice we are being set up for going to be anything but the same old system in a prettier package? Is it actually just going to be “the King is dead, long live the King”? Personally, I don’t feel the need for a King at all, and we have never been offered a ‘human’ choice before, only bad or worse. You know, go fight in a war and kill your brothers and sisters for money, or be a conscientious objector and go to jail. It’s always been Satan or Lucifer. 

Just because the Dark is now easy for all to see, and it’s being got rid of (if we believe Q et al), it might be wise to be a little circumspect before jumping into the new Light… it could be False.

After all, isn’t there third choice? Perhaps that’s the real split, the evolution to a higher dimension though Love and connection to nature and the Divine, rather than this glittering second option, with its signed oath to the new system (yes that’s part of GESARA/NESARA – remember you have to give consent, and they love contracts) that could have has stuck here in this frequency for 1,000 years of ‘peace’, with  technology controlled, soul stagnating consumer life sitting at the feet of Lucifer.

I prefer to chose the path of the Christ Consciousness, and pray I have the strength and courage to stay the course in the days ahead.

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