The Scariest Thing About Coronavirus is the Reaction to Coronavirus

The only thing we know with absolute certainty about this Coronavirus debacle is that we don’t know enough.

By General Maddox

Toilet paper madness, grocery store shelves raided, citizens bashing each other for supplies, conspiracy theories floating about the internet, social media groups touting all sorts wild ideas and blaming 5G or bio-warfare labs breaching containment, our governments eroding our rights and tightening their control grid on us… AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!


Those that were of age please think back to events like 9/11. Remember the fear mongering, remember the propaganda, remember that no one knew what was going on until years later. And even now we still don’t have all the information about everything that happened that day. We only know we were lied to and manipulated and that our governments eroded our rights and stripped away precious freedoms.

Now, liken that to this Coronavirus debacle. We are in the same situation. We still don’t know enough. Is it a hoax? Is it a drill? Is it real? We still don’t know who to trust. Certainly not the mainstream media. Certainly not the government. But because we can’t trust them for information does that mean by default we have to trust so-called alternative & independent media? No.

Too many leaps are being made by our side of the fence because it appears they want to be the next big name. To say “We were right!” and “I told you so!” In some self aggrandizing move to feel vindicated. The thing is some of the theories do have compelling arguments, actual facts and tid-bits of good information. Just not all of it and not all laid out in a way that demonstrates a thorough argument or alternative narrative.  Not enough to say that it’s fully sourced, vetted and concrete. That’s one issue. Be wary of it when trying to work out what’s actually going on. Don’t fall for the scary doomsday predictions. We’ve seen it all before.

The reaction to this problem IS the real issue here. Not the problem itself. If you fall victim to believing in the problem then you’re sure to follow the same fate for the solution that will be offered up.

Take our mainstream media for the second example of a scary reaction (Alternative media being the first). What do we see and hear? FEAR! It’s what they do best. “We don’t have any answers, just be afraid!”. Every night since the beginning of this debacle the news has covered some aspect of it. Whether it’s showing us that for some bizarre reason we must rush out and panic buy toilet paper?! Or constantly updating us on national and international contagion numbers that we’re supposed to believe without any evidence to 60 Minutes special reports designed to pump fear into you. Do yourself a favour and STOP WATCHING THE TV AND STOP READING NEWSPAPERS! It’s nothing but fear porn. You will not get any credible information from them.

Our third example of a scary reaction to this Coronavirus debacle is the actions of our governments.

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

― Rahm Emanuel 55th mayor of Chicago from 2011 to 2019.

That mindset is well ingrained in our authoritarian governments worldwide. When incidents like (Fake) terrorism, (Fake) disease pandemics, (Fake) war on drugs etc rear their ugly heads our leaders feverishly rub their hands together looking to rollout more draconian laws to further remove our rights and curtail our freedoms in the name of “security”. In the case of the current Coronavirus debacle its “bio-security” laws that the Australian government is looking to test out and flex their authority. The Australian state of Victoria has now tabled an amendment bill to make it mandatory for all health workers to be fully vaccinated. These laws are planned well ahead of time and almost require events like this Coronavirus situation in order to rush them through because the Government knows it won’t get knocked back.

But it doesn’t end there. The demonisation of cash and a headstrong push for digital currencies is also on the cards by governments and the banking cartels while the Coronavirus hysteria continues.

Time and time again we see these events either purposefully rolled out or incredibly hyped up in order suit specific agendas. The mainstream media will always jump on board and be complicit in the deceit and fear as that’s their bread and butter. Do we really expect them to make money selling us ‘Good’ stories? No the fluff pieces are always small and insignificant. Fear sells.

Governments and corporations (Big Money, Big Pharma etc…) always play their parts in the hysteria. They seek to be the saviours of humanity in a crisis. To show how much they think we need them. Their part is to cover-up truths and instigate a regiment of lies with a good dose of authoritarianism thrown in for good measure. We can’t have the public asking real questions and wanting honest answers now can we? No. Just keep them afraid.

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