This “Street Vet” Has Wandered the West Coast for 9 Years to Treat Homeless People’s Pets for Free

By Elias Marat

A kind-hearted veterinarian has devoted the last nine years to offering medical care to pets belonging to homeless people across California, earning the title of “The Street Vet.”

Dr. Kwane Stewart began offering his free services back in 2011, when the amount of animals being surrendered to his veterinary clinic reached critical mass thanks to the recession.

At that point, Dr. Kwane decided to make his own sacrifice by bringing his veterinary supplies to a soup kitchen event in the poverty-blighted Central Valley city of Modesto, California.

After successfully treating 15 animals in a single day, Dr. Kwane knew he had found a new purpose in life. He told GoFundMe:

“About 25% of our homeless population own a pet, and I knew that if I set up a table at a soup kitchen I could help a small group of animals.

So that’s what I did. I called over anyone who was holding their pet and told them I’d take a look and vaccinate or treat their pet if I could.”

“Bettering the lives of animals through education and awareness is truly my calling … I’m honored to be a voice speaking on their behalf.”

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