What Happened to Libya’s Gold? – Questions For Corbett #036

Libya had 144 tons of gold in the vaults when NATO’s humanitarian love bombs began raining down in 2011. So now that the company has been utterly destroyed and discarded like yesterday’s newspaper, what happened to all that gold, anyway? Join James for this month’s #Q4C as he delves into the topic of Libya’s gold and fields your questions on Skull & Bones, CIA art, open borders, education in Japan and much more.

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Skull & Bones membership list to 2006 (of questionable origin)

Another Skull & Bones membership list (of questionable origin)

Paul Giamatti confirmed Skull and Bones in Guardian profile

Anderson Cooper confirmed member of Manuscript Society

These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America

Episode 314 – How Trump Filled the Swamp (Mnuchin Skull and Bones)

Leaked email from Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton on Libya, April 2011

Hillary Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency

Libya’s Central Bank Has $184 Million In Gold In Its Vault… It Just Doesn’t Know The Combination

Governer of CBL: Al-Serraj wanted to sell Libya’s gold reserves

9/11 Trillions

The WTC Leaseholder and His Associates That Cheated Death on 9/11: Was it Coincidence or Foreknowledge?

Modern art was CIA ‘weapon’

5 People You Won’t Believe Worked With the CIA

US agency infiltrated Cuban hip-hop scene to spark youth unrest

NGOs as Trojan Horses

CIA’s Intelligence Art Collection

Derrick Broze on The Theory and Practice of Agorism

The Manifesto of the Free Humans (free download or purchase a copy)

James Corbett on the School Sucks Podcast

Children Full of Life

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