“I feel like I’m missing community in my life.”
This is what I have picked up and heard a lot the last couple of years. So let’s create a container to hold us that can’t be impacted by lockdowns or distance between us.

Women have been gathering in circle for thousands of years. In the West this tradition was almost forgotten, but with the rising of the sacred feminine, women are remembering the old ways and gathering in circle once more.

When women gather in circle, magic happens. We are reminded that we are all part of the divine sisterhood and deeply connected with one another. We remember the strength of our divine feminine power.

The intention is earnest and simple. To create a safe and healing space around a (virtual) fire for women to sit and share their experiences, struggles, strengths and hope with one another.

So that we can learn and grow from our individual experiences and allow them to become collective wisdom. Many of us have forgotten or buried aspects of ourselves which are yearning to be seen, heard, felt and healed. Understanding that you are not alone, and that there is aspiration for another way of feeling, is deeply liberating and healing.

Coming together as women is extremely powerful and in times of isolation and separation more needed than ever before. Meeting via Zoom gives us the opportunity to come together, being absolutely independent from outer circumstances: we can cross physical distances and women from all places can join.

Within our online circle we can create a safe and intimate atmosphere, almost as we would sit in the same room. Meeting in space is not the final answer, but it is a powerful bridge, crossing the uncertain and deep waters underneath us and guiding us back into our safe space within as we step into the heart of the circle of women.

Each participant is getting one personalised link via mail to join the circle. You can download zoom free of charge. Just make sure that you have a stable internet connection and camera that works. We will love and need to see to see you dear one.

Get cosy at home, make yourself a nice warm drink, and get together whatever you need in order to just feel comfortable and quiet in your place. Each circle has a different focus.

Zoom is a free platform where we can meet and exchange virtually similar to a webinar, only that you can see and hear each other.
You will receive an email 1-2 hours before the start of the Zoom meeting with a link to the meeting ID and a password. On the Zoom homepage, just click on “Join a meeting” in the top bar and enter the meeting ID and password.

When: Wednesday 22nd of June 2022 at 8 pm (Bali time)

Investment: On donation
Spaces are limited to 7 women each gathering
Duration: 1 ½ hour (please make room for a little overtime, time flies when we are together)
Note: This circle is for women over 45 years old.

Let’s circle fair, the access is like a spot in a real circle which means, one spot per person.
Feel free to join our Facebook Group as well; WOMEN 45 + ONLINE CIRCLES


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