A Species in Crisis

Digital realty

We live in the Information Age – a fast digital reality of gloss and glitter – a stage show with plot and purpose specifically designed to keep us in a constant state of physical stimulation – lots of things are on offer in this electrical paradigm from toothpicks to silicone sex dolls and everything imaginable in between.

The wrong direction

Locked up in our cities of concrete and glass we have become fast ‘everything’ junkies living our lives through facebook, twitter, phones and ipads. We have traded the natural world for a digital copy and given our minds away to computerized numbers and codes.

If we wish to go into the future with any vestiges of humanity left in ‘a stuff your everything whirled’… we’d better wake up to our Spiritual Self. Wake up to our multi-dimensional heritage and take back our minds from the imposter that rules our lives….the voice in our heads that whines and undermines. See my article www.heartstarbooks.com/prisoners-of-the-voice/

Species in Crisis

“Man, proud man, -Dress’d in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he’s most assur’d—
His glassy essence—like an angry ape – Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven
As makes the angels weep.” William Shakespeare

Estranged from nature, programmed by fear based religions and hijacked by technology, mankind and his planet have reached a tipping point. We are a species in a spiritual crisis. We can either stagnate with the hive mind – become a chipped matrix clone – or turn inward and explore spiritual reality.

In a Duality there are two kinds of awakening: Physical and Spiritual.

Physical awakening takes place when we realise we’ve been duped by the guys that run the stage-show – the educational, legal and political systems are all about controlling our minds, using our energy and taking our money, – and the financial markets are just one gigantic ponzi scheme….and we are not invited to share in the profits.

Friendships go down the drain

Most of the time our new revelations of fact and fiction don’t sit well with our family and friends.. and the hive mind is quick to react with denial and anger when its belief system is undermined or challenged. Years of friendship can quickly go down the drain into the gutter of the past, marriages break up and families get divided.  But it is what it is, and when you know the truth about our world, there’s no turning back the page or pressing the mental delete button.

Awake is here to stay in a world of sleepwalkers, and even some of those people who have woken up to the physical lie are still spiritually asleep.

The awakening of the spirit

Spiritual awakening is far more complex that physical awakening because it deals with the unknown,  unseen side of our nature. And, like all cultures, we get the inherited spiritual thought forms and fairy stories programmed into our consciousness: ghosts and monsters, witches and ghouls and things that go bump in the night. And, to top it all off, we get the religious programming of devils, demons and lakes of fiery brimstone to frighten us into mental submission.

A priest on our reservation asked one of the Lakota elders if he knew about the devil. The old boy replied. “You tell me. You brought him over.”

In all of ‘old time’ faerie stories there is a dark understanding of what awaits beyond the veil and in this climate of confusion and hate, we need to proceed on our journey into spiritual reality with caution.

Discernment in the search for meaningful connection

Waking up takes time, and in our eagerness and longing for a deeper, more meaningful connection with the spiritual side of our life, we are vulnerable to predators both physical and energetic. The internet is a cess pool full of dark magic and agendas…and most of the smooth glitzy sites pushing all things spiritual are traps for the unwary. We have to be on our guard and not give our minds away to some charismatic dude in his digital cloud castle who doesn’t practice what he preaches.

Did we make a  quantum jump without knowing

We have all kinds of folk in our lives – family and friends, people we work with, our mates down the pub… and there comes a time when we suddenly realise how shallow and superficial their lives are….and how shallow and opinionated our lives were before we woke up.

Where we used to be in with the in crowd, we now find we have little in common with their status quo thinking. We become withdrawn  …locked up in our minds with no one to talk to about the ‘stuff’ going on in our heads. This can lead to depression  and despair…we wonder what is happening and may even doubt our sanity.

…But what has actually happened is our awareness has shifted – expanded…and the people around us  have stayed in the same place of standing still.

It’s almost like we have taken a quantum jump without knowing it –

Are we standing quietly in the new life?

“I have the feeling that my boat has struck, down there in the depths – against some great thing – And nothing happens…. Nothing… silence… waves… nothing.   Or, has everything happened, and are we standing quietly in the new life?”  Juan Ramon Jiminez.T

The experiences we have in life make us who we are and as rough as it can be… every dark cloud has a silver lining. Our dogma and conditioning fall away when we throw ourselves into life and live it…in all its darkness and light – its joy and sorrows – its ugliness and beauty…

Reflect and grow

Making mistakes in this world is all part of the learning process – a chain of events – cause and effect that has brought us by whatever road to the point of awakening Now….so cosmically it would seem there are no mistakes and our destiny awaits…however we try to avoid it.

The journey to authenticity

The journey into the world of the spirit is a voyage into authenticity –  into a knowing born of experience and not some second hand news. But spiritual reality doesn’t happen to us – we have to happen to it. We have to want it…not in some half hearted manner but with all of our being. And, if we are going to catch the beyond visible light bus that’s going to take us out of here – we’d better be ready to board.

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