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False Flags & Secret Conspiracies

“Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander interviews internationally acclaimed truth speaker, the Danish born author, conspiracy researcher, lecturer, yoga teacher and artist, Ole Dammegård. Ole Dammegård is one of the worlds leading researchers into the JFK (John F. Kennedy) and Olof Palme assasinations and is the author of the 1000+ page book “Coup D´Etat In Slow Motion” about the infamous death of Palme, the Swedish prime minister.

He is also researching staged events and is talking about how he believes that False Flag attacks are staged and used for political and financial purposes, where the end goal is global domination. Ole Dammegård was in his home city Copenhagen in Denmark on May 30th, 2014, to take part in the Bilderberg Group demonstration, which took place in front of the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen, where the annual Bilderberg Group meeting was held in 2014.

Ole Dammegård met up with Age Of Truth TV at the Dome Of Visions in Copenhagen to talk about, what he calls, the whole global conspiracy. Many heavy topics will be covered in this 2 hour and 10 minute edition of Age Of Truth TV. Topics like False Flags terror attacks, Secret Societies, Bilderberg Group, Mind Control (MK Ultra), Elite families, New World Order, Spirituality, the Olof Palme murder, the JFK assasination, the mysterious deaths of celebrities such as Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, Free Energy and many other controversial topics.”

Main Topics Discussed in The Interview:

• Conspiracy theories and political assassinations

  • The assassination of Robert Kennedy follows a template where a lone crazy guy is blamed.
  • Multiple shooters and inconsistencies in the evidence suggest a conspiracy.
  • The role of surveillance and hit teams in planning political assassinations.

• Mind control and assassins

  • Mind control techniques can activate different personalities in individuals without their awareness.
  • Assassins may commit crimes without knowing they have done so.
  • Some assassins, like Sirhan Sirhan, have been falsely accused and manipulated.

• The use of drugs and sex rings in mind control

  • Mind control programs involve the use of drugs and manipulation through trauma.
  • Politicians and individuals can be controlled through compromising situations, such as sex rings.
  • The use of drugs with no smell or taste allows for covert control.

• Assassins and their involvement

  • Highly skilled assassins were present in Dealey Plaza, including David Morales, who later became the top assassin of Latin America. These assassins were not programmed but were part of a larger operation involving exile Cubans, CIA agents, Secret Service, and mob members.

• Media manipulation and control.

  • The media is focused on trivial matters like celebrity gossip instead of reporting on important issues. Journalists are overwhelmed with assignments, and the media is indirectly controlled by a few powerful individuals and organizations.

• Mind control and MK Ultra

  • MK Ultra and other mind control programs have been in operation for decades, aiming to compartmentalize and manipulate the human mind. These programs have been involved in creating mind-controlled soldiers and slaves.

• Bilderberg Group

  • Speculation about the group’s purpose and meetings
  • Nazi roots of the group’s founders
  • Agenda to centralize power and dissolve national borders

• Global Elite and Control

  • Influence of the global elite in world affairs
  • Connection between global elite and wars
  • Manipulation of decisions affecting the world

• The influence of the Bilderberg Group in global affairs

  • Creation of a new world order
  • Erasing national borders
  • Integration of Chinese members

• JFK’s realization and change after the Cuban Missile Crisis

  • JFK’s experience during the crisis
  • Shift in JFK’s perspective
  • Desire for making a difference

• The involvement of the CIA in drug trafficking and wars

  • Motives behind CIA’s involvement
  • Connection to the Vietnam War
  • Impact on global affairs

• Secrecy and Transparency

  • Meetings held in total secrecy
  • Lack of transparency in decision-making
  • Need for open agendas and accountability

• Suspicious Deaths of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson

• Music and Film Industry Control

  • The music and film industries are used to control the population.

• Big Pharma and Control

  • Big Pharma is connected to the oil industry and controls the medical field.

• The role of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in destabilizing countries

• Operation 40 and its connection to the Kennedy assassination

• The creation of a new world order and erasing national borders

• The shift of power from the United States to China

Questions / Answers

• What do you think about the purpose of the Bilderberg Group?
The Bilderberg Group was created with the agenda to centralize power and dissolve national borders.

• How do we know that the decisions made at these meetings are implemented in society?
It requires years of research to study the agendas and observe the outcomes of these meetings to understand their impact on the world.

• Is it wrong for politicians and businessmen to meet and exchange ideas at these meetings?
The problem lies in the secrecy of these meetings. Elected politicians should not secretly meet with others without transparency and accountability.

• Can you get information through the Freedom of Information Act?
No, it’s already accessible.

• Was JFK part of the Bilderberg Group?
No, he never attended a meeting.

• Did they fund Hitler?
They were part of it, but not personally.

• Are Chinese members part of the Bilderberg Group?
Yes, in recent years they have started integrating.

• What is Operation 40?
It was a secret hit team created under Dwight Eisenhower to target Castro, but later involved in the Kennedy assassination.

• What is the involvement of the music and film industry in control?
These industries are used to manipulate and control the population.

• Can everyone be under mind control?
Some individuals are more easily manipulated through hypnosis and trauma, while others are not.

• Why was Sirhan Sirhan chosen as the Patsy?
He was chosen because he was the perfect scapegoat, despite having no involvement in the assassination.

• Is there a connection between the assassination of Olof Palme and a sex ring?
The assassination of Olof Palme follows a similar template, but the connection to a sex ring is part of a larger story.

Key points and Insights

• The elite’s agenda is to maintain control over the population and suppress revolutionary inventions and discoveries that could challenge their power, such as free energy technologies.

• Many individuals who are invited to join the elite group or become famous in the entertainment industry are used for specific purposes and then discarded.

• The elite group, including the Bilderberg group, holds significant control over various sectors, such as politics, media, entertainment, and education.

• The decisions made at these meetings have a significant impact on world affairs, including the potential manipulation of wars.

• The illusion of democracy is questioned, as the game is rigged and options are presented within a controlled framework.

• JFK’s experience during the Cuban Missile Crisis led to a change in his perspective and a desire to make a difference.

• The Bilderberg Group has a history rooted in Nazi ideology and aims to centralize power and dissolve national borders.

• The education system is deteriorating, with a focus on irrelevant information and a lack of practical skills.

• The World Bank and International Monetary Fund are used to destabilize countries and erase national borders.

• The secrecy surrounding the group’s meetings raises questions about transparency and accountability.

• The use of drugs and compromising situations can be used to control individuals in positions of power.

• The Bilderberg Group has significant influence in global affairs and the creation of a new world order.

• The CIA’s involvement in drug trafficking and wars, such as the Vietnam War, was driven by ulterior motives.

Conspiracy theories arise due to inconsistencies and multiple shooters in high-profile cases.

• Mind control techniques and manipulation play a significant role in political assassinations.

• There is a shift of power from the United States to China in the agenda of the new world order.

• Operation 40, a secret hit team, was involved in the Kennedy assassination.

• The control exerted by powerful entities like Big Pharma and the Rockefellers.

• The suspicious deaths of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.

• The manipulation of the music and film industry.


• When you look at a group like the Bilderberg Group, you need to study history. You need to go back, see who created it, where did it come from, What was the idea about the whole thing and what was the agenda? Ollie Damico

• The problem is not that they meet. The problem is that they meet in total secrecy.

• The game is rigged. At this point, on many levels, the game is rigged.

• I’m gonna make a change. This madness has to stop.

• The whole thing is drugs, wars, weapons.

• The spider web that is behind these things.

• They want to destabilize countries and erase national borders.

• Operation 40 was a group created under the supervision of Dwight Eisenhower.

• The problem is that people cannot see the dots connected.

• People are disappearing, very strange things going on.

• They’re killing people without knowing what they’re doing, who they’re killing.

• The elite do not want us to find out about these things.

• The quality of the education system is going straight down the drain.

• The quality is going like this when it comes to the medical area, which is another big pharma thing which is so connected to this oil.

• Music is the one that will get the youth hooked and that you can start controlling.

• The exact same thing happening to the daughter and then 24 hours later. The exact same thing killed her.

• Mind control techniques can activate different personalities in individuals without their awareness.

• The assassination of Robert Kennedy follows a template where a lone crazy guy is blamed.

• The use of drugs with no smell or taste allows for covert control.


• Chip Tatum’s website: chiptatum.com

• The Tatum Chronicles, available on chiptatum.com, provides further information on mind control and political assassinations.

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