New World Order – Geoengineering and Chemtrails to impact Colorado in 2019?

Published on Feb 9, 2019

Dan Hennen, Cody Snodgres and John Lord discuss last year’s California wildfires, and the potential for similar events in the 2019 fire season in the state of Colorado. Ex-Navy and Fire Captain John Lord spent 28 years as a fire fighter in California. He began to notice many anomalies in the recent “wildfires” there. He has worked with forensics professionals investigating the strange, unnatural wildfires in California recently, and has been speaking out regarding what is and what isn’t truth regarding the fires. Cody Snodgres is a former Black Ops contractor for the CIA and wrote a book called “Choosing the Light” when he quit and became a whistle blower after being offered $1M to bomb in the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1994. Cody currently lives in the Mountains in Colorado and has noted the “heaviest” chemtrail spraying he has ever seen. If the heavy spraying seen prior to the California “wildfires” were an indicator for last year, could the same “result” happen during the 2019 fire-season in Colorado? Also discussed were the large underground facilities at the Denver International Airport, and the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. Denver is commonly known as the new “Headquarters” for the New World Order. Fire Captain John Lord is interviewed regarding the wildfires in 2017:…

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