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How Fact Checking Is Controlled And Faked

Waking Times Prior to 2015 or 2016, you could still read what you wanted online without much interference. This has since changed, as propagandists have infiltrated the media and, along with other major players, like …

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The Age of Intolerance: Cancel Culture’s War on Free Speech

By John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead “Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners.”—George Carlin Cancel culture—political correctness amped up on steroids, the self-righteousness of a narcissistic age, and a mass-marketed pseudo-morality that is little more …

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What is a Freedom Cell? (2022)

By The Conscious Resistance Find out in under 2 minutes with this short explainer video from Derrick Broze. Share with your friends and invite them to join the movement at: https://www.freedomcells.org

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How are Police Using Drones?

By Matthew Guariglia Across the country, police departments are using myriad means and resources at their disposal to stock up on drones. According to the most recent tally on the Atlas of Surveillance (a project of EFF and …

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On Luddites, Child Labor, and The Metaverse

Op-Ed by Derrick Broze Should Children Be Allowed To Work? Are Video Games Preparing Kids for ‘The Metaverse’? Do I Support Digital Child Slavery? The answers to these questions might seem unimportant in the grand scheme …

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