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Turkish Military Gets Drones With Machine Guns

By Tyler Durden The Turkish military is about to take delivery of a fleet of 55-lb. drones equipped with a machine gun and 200-rounds of ammunition. Made by Ankara-based firm Asisguard, the ‘Songar’ drone can …

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How Do You Get off a Government Kill List?

James Lico 1.2K subscribers This is about the targeting of whistleblowers, activists and journalists who are put on a KILL LIST to be slow killed, tortured and tormented daily by defense contractors. Doing nothing is …

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Secret Brain-frying Microwave Technology UNMASKED!!!

TOPICS:ConspiracyJames CorbettMediaMicrowavesmind controlPropagandaRussia January 16, 2019 By corbettreport Remember how the conspiracy peddlers in the mainstream press freaked out over the super secret Russian microwave technology that was frying diplomats brains in Cuba. Well, it …

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