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Just who is Klaus Schwabb?

JUST WHO IS KLAUS SCHWABB? December 1, 2020 By JOSEPH P. FARRELL I’ve been receiving so much email containing articles about “the Great Reset” – usually in conjunction with the covid planscamdemic, digital “currencies”, 2020 American election …

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Ripple Effect On The Gates Agenda and Why It Matters

James Corbett joins Ricky Varandas on The Ripple Effect podcast once again. This time they discuss the Who Is Bill Gates? documentary, eugenics, vaccines, and the deeper agenda behind the latest developments online and in the COVID world order.

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The doctor fighting poverty by prescribing money

Where some doctors see only heart disease or depression, Canadian GP Gary Bloch also sees poverty and homelessness. He realised that his patients’ health was unlikely to improve until one particular issue that plagued them …

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