RECORDING & Chat: Decoding the Music Industry. Dj Mark Devlin & Ole Dammegard


21:01:25 From Kim : Welcome all and thank you so very much for your support.
21:01:36 From Siri : Hello hello! 🙂
21:01:41 From Kim : Please connect here and share your questions.
21:06:18 From Jill Campbell : Ready!
21:17:50 From Jill Campbell : Ole, will you email the recording to us? J x.
21:32:41 From Jill Campbell to Ole Dammegard(Direct Message) : Ole, Pink Floyd were very influential in my teenage years. Have you discussed Pink Floyd (Dave Gilmour) with Mark, at all? Wondering too about what ACTUALLY happened to Sid Barratt. Just thinking about how Dave Gilmour seemed to come from a good educational level & spoke with a rather plumby, upper class accent. That would be a band I’d be VERY interested in learning about.
21:42:00 From Tiffany Finnegan : What about how they give people mysterious cancer (like pancreatic I hear happens a lot) or somehow induce heart attacks?
21:46:08 From Elizabeth : I think you can see John Lennon starting to come out of his programming during the Shea Stadium (New York) concert in the late sixties. John appeared to go crazy, and Paul appears to provide cover.
22:05:47 From Marjon B : So Prince’s first son was named after Dr. Gregory who spilled the beans about 9/11, chemtrails and much more…
22:16:55 From Kim : Any questions, bring them on now and Ole will reply. 😃
22:19:44 From Jay Campbell : Great job Brothers!
22:19:57 From Hans-Roar Mangen, Norway : Fantastic Ole.
22:20:06 From Siri : Great interview! Thank you!
22:20:23 From Elizabeth : Trump is now playing Sam Cook singing ‘Hold On, I’m Coming” at his rallies. For the 2016 he played the Stones “Sympathy for the Devil” (which to me sounds like a bio on Hilary). Do you think that might be a good thing? or am I being manipulated?
22:22:06 From Jill Campbell to Ole Dammegard(Direct Message) : I sent Ole a DM!
22:22:33 From Jill Campbell : I sent Ole a DM Question.
22:23:31 From Rohan : Thanks for hosting Kim and Ole! Seeing my 2 favourite guys in an interview is a dream, thoroughly enjoyed. I’ll be seeing Mark in Sydney on 4th November. Cheers and love from Australia
22:24:20 From Jill Campbell : Can you please check Ole’s DM chat . My question was about Pink Floyd.
22:24:26 From Marjon B : Sorry, no questions. It was all very clear and I heard many things before after studying the lives and strange deaths of many in the showbizz.
22:24:42 From Jill Campbell : I took a screenshot but can’t send a jpeg. 😥
22:25:42 From Rohan : Comment for Ole. A few months ago I was in a pub with John Stevenson (the Singer that replaced Michael Hutchence in INXS). He took a great fancy to my girlfriend and therefore I was chatting with him for a solid half hour – after a while I asked him did he think Bob Geldof knocked off Michael – he got very cagey and simply said, “nah mate, bob wouldn’t do that, hes a good bloke!” and made it clear he didn’t want to continue the conversation 🤣
22:25:45 From Jill Campbell : Briefly, has he spoken to Mark re Pink Floyd …. Dave Gilmour (rather posh) and Sid Barratt, went ‘mad’… Thank you!
22:27:11 From chrisevans : Thank you so much, both Mark and Ole,.I’ve been a professional musician for most of my life and I heard stories from friends that confirm the very dark side of the music business. A well known musician I knew had played on a couple of Beatles recordings. He had to sign a paper that he would never disclose it.
22:27:28 From henrikskovolesen : Anything on Avicii, the Swedish DJ?
22:27:56 From Jill Campbell : OK, thank you.
22:28:49 From Jill Campbell : What about Amy Winehouse? LOTS of controversy about her father…
22:29:56 From Maria-Kaisa : Kurt Cobain? Janis Joplin?
22:30:35 From Siri : There was a movie out about Aviici quite shortly after his death if I remember right… made me very suspicious… thinking about the time it takes to make a movie…
22:31:08 From Jill Campbell : Yes, I saw that: I agree.
22:31:10 From Maria-Kaisa : Jim Henrix?
22:31:47 From Jill Campbell : Good question!
22:32:19 From Marjon B : Joh Lennon’s Imagine was in 432 Hz I believe?
22:33:57 From Hans-Roar Mangen, Norway : Thansk to you all! <3 22:34:00 From Marjon B : Thank Ole and Mark, was again very interesting! 22:34:04 From Maria-Kaisa : Thank you so much! 22:34:13 From Siri : 🤗❤️ 22:34:17 From Jill Campbell : ❤❤❤🙏❤❤❤ 22:34:31 From Jay Campbell : Great Job Ole! 22:34:33 From Kim : Need to go and thank you all for being here and support. Amazing!!! Loads of loves your way. [/toggle]