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Education Without Boundaries:

Education Without Boundaries: This School In Finland Is Breaking Down Walls & Creating Open Spaces By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory Imagine a class where there are no scripted lessons, children are allowed to have fun, giggle …

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Endia by Amaterasu Solar 1-3-18   We built Her, Our AI dream, teaching Her what We wanted Her to learn. With quantum computing, and Our best programmers, We worked tirelessly for endless months, eager to …

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Education Turn Us Into Slaves

The Education System is Designed to Destroy Our Potential and Turn Us Into Slaves I’ve always wanted to learn. Everything. Well, at least what I truly enjoyed, what really drove my aspiration into high levels. …

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Straight A Student Drops Out

University Student With 4.0 GPG Drops Out To Tell Others That ‘Education’ is a Giant Scam by Joe Martino When I was a kid I had this very strong feeling that no matter what, I …

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We Live In A World Upside Down

6 Things Proving That We Live In A World Upside Down By Mike Sygula, Some time ago I wrote the first part of this article, that you can read here. I got a lot of …

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Critical Knowledge:

The Legal Ownership of All Souls by the Vatican… Since 1306!  History of Trusts The 1st Trust of the world Unam Sanctam is one of the most frightening documents of history and the one most …

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