I have made hundreds of international interviews and am totally dedicated to revealing the New World Order’s agenda including False Flag-operations all over the world. I am not here to spread fear, instead my goal is to prevent the ‘Global Elite’ from turning this beautiful planet into a controlled and fearful place. We all deserve so much better – it’s time to stop the madness and heal the world with love.

In Peace and Joy,
Love and Light – Ole


Finally, after many years, my books are on!  Please support my efforts – order your copy today!

Coup d'etat in slow motion, Volume 1

Coup d'etat in slow motion, Volume 2


In ‘So What Can I Do?’ you will get amazing answers from renowned researchers from around the world, as well as their perspectives on many different and interesting topics.  Here are some of the names David Icke, Ken O’Keefe, Cynthia McKinney, Sofia Smallstorm, Kerry Cassidy, Kevin Barrett, Zen Gardner and Ole Dammegård. Please share and spread the word:



Why is every country and everyone in debt?

Are we living in collective insanity?

Can we save ourselves and the world, and if so, how?

Together we can and will make a change for the better, for all.

Never forget: You are not alone.



I have appeared on the following shows, and many more:

The People’s Voice, UK

Red Ice Creations (11 hours)
Veritas Radio, USA
Project Camelot, USA
Freedom Central, Holland
Age of Truth TV, Denmark
Sage of Quay, USA
Luces en la Oscuridad, Spain
Uncommon Awareness, USA
DR TV, Denmark
Time Monk Radio, Japan
The End Game, UK
The End Game TV, UK
Capricorn Radio, Ireland
Shake and Wake Radio, USA
Super Woo Radio, Australia
The Kev Baker Show, Scotland
The Unexplained, UK
The Gold Channel, USA

Sofia Smallstorm Radio, USA
Open Your Mind Radio, Ireland
World Beyond Belief, Ecuador
Inside Out News, Canada
Enemy Within, UK
GibTV, Gibraltar
Emergency Transition, UK
Talk Radio Europe, Spain
Truth Jihad Radio, USA
Truther Talk, USA
White TV, Sweden
Radio Paradigm, Denmark
Phi in the Sky, Australia
Truth Frequency Radio, USA
CSI Juan, Spain
Marathon Radio, Global
The Truth Denied, USA
Outside the Box, UK
The Jeff Rense Show, USA

Unveiling the Truth, Canada
Exopolitics, Canada
Veterans Today, USA
The Stew Webb Show, USA
Age of Truth TV, Denmark
The Richie Allen Show
TV2 Denmark
Global Peace Radio, UK
America Talks, USA
Qi Lin Info-Warriors, USA
The Real Deal, USA
Revolution Radio, USA
No Lies Radio, USA
Vinny Eastwood Show, NZ
Susan Lindauer Show, USA
Agenda for Take-over, USA
Transcend Bilderberg
The Chip Tatum Show, USA

Tir Na Saor, Ireland
Gonob Radio, USA
The Sound of Freedom, USA
Open Mind Conference, DEN
Psonic Lounge Radio, UK/USA
The Ed Opperman Show
Radio Solymar, Spain
Exopolitics Ohio, USA
Orion Radio, USA
New American Dream, USA
The Critical Mass Radio, UK
Freedom Reins, Global
Radio Frihed, Denmark
Radio Air Amarteifio, USA
Truth Vs News, USA
Out of the Bag, Ireland
Smoke Reality, Austria
UCY Radio, USA
Truth Warrior, Canada