Make Humanity Great Again

by robert cinque

Since ancient times, we humans have been passionately curious about who and what we are on the most fundamental level.

The religions say we’re a soul in a body, the psychologists say we’re a mind in a brain, the scientific materialists say we’re just a bunch of atoms flying around in random interactions, neural pathways in the brain that evolved into consciousness.


The problem I have with these theories is that they’re so unimaginative. They are not even close to what we observe in the Magnificent Work of Art we call Nature. Shouldn’t theories be as great as what they explain? Must they constantly loiter in the dark alleys of sub-human thought?

I am truly sick unto death with the bonehead ideas that endlessly ooze out of the citadels of scientific materialism. Theories like the Big Bang and Consciousness evolved out of matter are so preposterous, they boggle my random neural pathways.

But the thing that sickens me the most is the way the Materialists use their intelligence to disprove intelligence.

They are in for a rude awakening because the truth is no one knows what consciousness is, where it is, why it is, or how it could possibly exist in the first place.

People who say God made it or the Big Bang exploded Reality into existence are indulging in theories that do nothing more than move the Mystery back a notch. That’s because we don’t know where God came from or what was before the Big Bang. The Mystery of Existence remains, no matter how we try to explain it.

My point is that it’s unexplainable and our theories are part of the Mystery and Wonder and Beauty of Reality Itself. They don’t exist outside of it; nothing exists outside of it.

Therefore, what I say about myself and who I am on the most fundamental level, is always an expression of of the Whole as it manifests as the Part.

In other words, we are Homo Fractalis, what Da Vinci called the Vitruvian Man and what Adi Da called the Free Standing Man.

This image of Mankind is on the same level of magnificence as the Cosmos, just a smaller version of it.

Homo Divinius

The problem with the bonehead theories is that they are so miniscule compared to what we experience everyday as Human Beings, as Fractals of the Whole, Brave Teammates in the Deadly Game of Life,

Homo Braviens

We Make Humanity Great Again by destroying the false and cultivating the Real.

By removing the wool we allowed to be pulled over our eyes.

We recognize ourselves to already be the Free Standing Man, the Circuit that conducts the flow of Life between Heaven and Earth, the Blissful Current of Being Itself.

Homo Ecstatica

That’s right. Conducting the infinite Current of Life is inherently blissful, ecstatic, intensely pleasurable, free, happy and alive with excitement.

Right? Yes. Only most people don’t experience it because it’s buried beneath mountains and centuries of boneheadedness.

Tiny theories wobbling under the weight of True Magnificence.

Homo Magnifica

My personal theory is that the Universe is a magnificent work of Cosmic Art, a staggering expression of Beauty and Passion that evokes moans and groans of deep pleasure, pain and happiness.

Homo Gloria

We are not pond scum that evolved over millions of years. We are not neurons firing in the brain. We are not minds in a body, nor souls encased in flesh. We are not ideas, theories or random particles in a cosmic soup.

What we are, I can’t fully say because no language can accurately represent the Infinite. Language can point to it, but can never adequately explain the Wonder that we are.

Homo Mysterium

Scientific Materialism and Religious Superstition create human psychosis because they are way too small to do the job. The proof? One quick glance at the sorry state of our Beautiful World.

Only a completely failed Theory of Humanity could accomplish the appalling degradation of the Sacred we see everywhere.

We deserve it, too because we went along with the lies we inherited.

The only way out is to turn around, to turn back to the Well, the Sacred Spring out of which the Water of Life flows.

Water and Earth are the expressions of this Life, this Love.

Water brings Light and nutrients to the cell and removes the wastes. Our bodies are trillions of watery cells in a bag of skin, containers of Intelligent Light, microcosms of the macrocosm.

The Cosmos is Magnificent, you were birthed from the Cosmos, therefore, you are Magnificent, no matter what the boneheads tell you.

Homo Magnifica

We can burn down the false narratives about ourselves and cultivate the Real, both as individuals and nations.

Unity does not have to be achieved, only recognized as already existing, the Great Treasure buried beneath the countless lies we tell ourselves.

We Make Humanity Great Again by leaving materialistic garbage in the past, where it belongs. Then, we create models and images and artworks that accurately reflect ourselves and are on the same level of Beauty and Grace as the Universe.

The tombs of the heart and the dungeons of mind concocted by materialistic goonery, arrogance and vanity have taken a terrible toll on the Human Race.

The Bill has come due and it’s up to us to cancel it, to write Paid in Full on it and send it back.

Then, we can get to work on Creating the Art that deeply Reflects our spectacular nature and Makes Humanity Great Again.

Homo Gargantua

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