John F Kennedy – the Real Assassination

Robert F Kennedy Jr. “The CIA Assassinated JFK”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s recent statements on the Joe Rogan and Russel Brand podcasts about the CIA’s involvement in the assassinations of his uncle JFK and father RFK have sent shockwaves through the world of conspiracies.

For decades, experts like Ole Dammegard have been arguing that there was more to these assassinations than meets the eye, and these recent statements by Kennedy have brought the issue back to the forefront.

Kennedy’s statements have opened the door for a deeper look at the facts of these events. For too long, conspiracy research around these assassinations have been dismissed as the ramblings of a few fringe theorists. But with the weight of someone like Robert Kennedy Jr. behind these claims, it’s hard to ignore the possibility that there might be more to these events than we’ve been led to believe.

The involvement of the CIA in these assassinations is a particularly troubling aspect. The CIA has a long history of covert operations and meddling in foreign affairs, and it’s not hard to imagine that they might have had a hand in the assassinations of JFK and RFK. With the renewed attention on these events, it’s possible that new evidence may come to light that could shed more light on what really happened.

Ultimately, the impact of Robert Kennedy Jr.’s statements on the Joe Rogan and Russel Brand podcasts remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: they have opened the door for a deeper look at the facts. Whether or not we’ll ever know the full truth about what happened to JFK and RFK remains to be seen, but these recent developments have given us reason to hope that we may eventually get closer to the truth.

In the world of conspiracies, few names carry as much weight as Ole Dammegard. With four decades of experience and meticulous attention to detail, Dammegard has become one of the foremost experts in investigating the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK, etc. His relentless pursuit of the truth has led him down countless rabbit holes and exposed hidden connections that others have overlooked.

Dammegard’s expertise lies in his ability to connect the dots and uncover the hidden patterns that reveal a larger conspiracy at play. He has spent years analyzing evidence, studying witness testimonies, and dissecting official reports to piece together a more accurate picture of what really happened on those fateful days. His work has seriously challenged the official narratives and shed light on alternative views that were once dismissed as mere speculation.

But Dammegard is not just an online researcher. He is a boots-on-the-ground investigator who has traveled to numerous crime scenes and interviewed key witnesses firsthand. His dedication to seeking the truth has earned him the respect of his peers, whistleblowers, and former operatives as well as the admiration of those who believe that there is more to these assassinations than meets the eye.

In a world where conspiracy research is often met with skepticism, Dammegard’s work stands out as a beacon of hope for those who dare to question the official narratives. His expertise and unwavering commitment to the truth have brought renewed attention to these events and opened many doors for a deeper exploration of what really happened. With Dammegard on the case, we can finally hope that we may one day uncover the full truth behind the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK.

The Brutal Murder of John F. Kennedy

On November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald was officially charged with the assassination, but many believe he was merely a patsy. The assassination shocked the nation and the world, leading to widespread speculation about who was behind it and why.

The shooting itself was captured on film by bystander Abraham Zapruder, adding to the gravity and horror of the event. Kennedy was hit by multiple bullets, with at least one to the head, and was rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The aftermath of the assassination was chaotic. Oswald was arrested and charged with the murder, but before he could be tried, he was officially shot and killed by Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner. The event caused significant distrust in the government and law enforcement, fueling conspiracy theories that still persist to this day.

Many researchers into the JFK assassination believe that Oswald was a patsy and was used by government agencies as a scapegoat for the killing. There is significant evidence to suggest that Oswald had links to both the CIA and FBI, and might even have tried to stop the assassination, knowing full well that it would cost him his life!

Despite numerous investigations into the assassination, the full truth about Lee Harvey Oswald and his role in the killing of JFK remains shrouded in mystery.

A Conspiracy?

The assassination of John F. Kennedy is one of the most debated and controversial events in U.S. history. While the official investigation concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, this is very obviously not true. So while the complete truth may never be fully known, the conspiracy theories surrounding JFK assassination continue to captivate the public’s imagination. The legacy of JFK’s presidency, coupled with the ever-present questions surrounding his murder, ensures that his name and death will remain part of American history for generations to come. And so will his beautiful widow.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, considered an American icon, known for her style, elegance, and poise, was an instrumental figure in the aftermath of the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy. Her composure through the funeral procession has been immortalized in our memories, and her contributions to the commemoration of JFKs legacy should not be forgotten.

However, there is another side to this story that has yet to receive enough attention. This article delves into the events and circumstances that suggest a much larger conspiracy behind JFK’s death, implicating higher authorities than just Lee Harvey Oswald.

The President JFK Assassination Records Collection

The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection comprises over 5 million pages of material, including photographs, motion pictures, and sound recordings. It was created by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in response to public demand for transparency regarding the assassination. The release of the Collection in full was mandated by the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act, which aimed to lift the veil of secrecy around the assassination.

However, and yet again, even with the release of the Collection, many questions remain unanswered. Why? 

The Real Evidence Shows Something Completely Different

Now let’s have a closer look at Ole Dammegard’s breakthrough research, which now shows some more or less unknown, direct connections with many major assassinations, including the JFK, MLK, RFK, and even the John Lennon hit. The implications of these connections are enormous.

Just before the Bay of Pigs invasion in April of 1961, a super secret special team of skilled killers was put together under the name Operation 40 / Group 40. One of the leaders of the group was CIA’s David Atlee Philips, a key player in the plot against JFK. It is now clear that he was also the so-called controller / handler of none less than the patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, as well as being the controller of one of the shooters, the man behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll – James Files.

He was also the handler of a young Michael Vernon Townley, who has been very active in many other extremely violent assignments, one of which appears to be the Palme assassination as well as the poisoning of Chilean Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda.

The poet died aged 69 on 23 September 1973, just 12 days after General Pinochet’s military coup. His death certificate says he died of prostate cancer, a view widely accepted for nearly four decades. But his former personal assistant Manuel Araya says the poet was given a lethal injection in hospital by a “Dr Price”. Michael Vernon Townley is now suspected of have been this mysterious and deadly doctor and Neruda’s remains are being examined for evidence.

This assassin was active very early in life. In the late 1960s, David Atlee Philips (backed by Henry Kissinger) sent Michael Townley to Chile with many covert tasks, one of them being the organizing of two Salvador Allende. Two of the group members were Roberto Thieme and Julio Izquierdo Menéndez, both on location at the time of the Palme assassination.

Please also keep in mind the actions of CIA’s “Charles Morgan”, who tried to hire a killer for the Palme hit. His real name is Felipe Vidal Santiago and is said to be the “waving man” in front of the “Umbrella Man” in Dealey Plaza 1963!

The members of Operation 40 have kept themselves very busy and are involved in the murders of John Lennon, Che Guevara, Salvador Allende, Orlando Letelier, General Prats, South African Robert Smit, the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed seventy-three people, the Watergate burglary, the Iran-Contras scandal, and even 9/11 and onwards.

Even attempts to kill De Gaulle and the murder of Italian Enrico Mattei have been mentioned. Not to forget several hundred people that have died in mysterious ways in connection with the JFK-murder. Who killed them?Let’s take a closer look at this sinister group, which has left a long trail of blood stains through modern history. And please keep in mind who was/is in charge, because that will supply some important clues to guilty parties in other top assassinations and so called “terror-acts”. 

Operation 40 and its Evil Spider Web

Operation 40 was a Central Intelligence Agency-sponsored undercover operation started in the early 1960s, which was to become active in the United States and the Caribbean (including Cuba), Central America, and Mexico as well as Europe and South Africa.

Allen W. Dulles, the director of the CIA, established Operation 40 after a confidential memorandum from Colonel J. C. King, chief of CIA’s Western Hemisphere Division. It obtained its name because originally there were 40 agents involved, mainly Cuban exiles. It was approved by President Dwight D. Eisenhower and was presided over by Vice-President Richard Nixon.

George Herbert Walker Bush was asked to cooperate in funding the group. The man assigned to him for his new mission was Félix Rodríguez. This included finding private funding as a result of pressure from American corporations which had suffered at the hands of Fidel Castro.

One member, Frank Sturgis, allegedly told author Mike Canfield: “This assassination group would upon orders, naturally, assassinate either members of the military or the political parties of the foreign country that you were going to infiltrate, and if necessary, some of your own members who were suspected of being foreign agents…”

Some Members of Operation 40

David Atlee Philips, a.k.a. “Howard Benson”: The head of Operation 40. Central in countless covert operations, including the hit on JFK. Rose to become the CIA’s chief of all operations in the Western hemisphere.

Theodore “Blond Ghost” Shackley: Station chief of CIA’s Miami Station, a three-time recipient of the Distinguished Intelligence Medal, the CIA’s highest honor. In nearly three decades of service, he was on “the front lines”. According to conspiracy expert, Trowbridge H. Ford, Ted Shackley was also head of a team who killed German Uwe Barschel. In addition, he is pointed out as taking part in planning the murder of John Lennon, carried out by his colleague, Jose Perdomo .

E. Howard Hunt: A front-line CIA supervisor of the Kennedy assassination and many, many other covert operations, including the Watergate burglary.

David “El Indio” Sanchez Morales: Deeply involved in the CIA covert operation that overthrew President Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán of Guatemala. Acquired a reputation as CIA’s top assassin in Latin America.Through the 1960s and mid-1970s, Morales was involved at top levels in projects plots to assassinate Fidel Castro, the Bay of Pigs Invasion operation, the JFK assassination, the CIA’s secret war in Laos, the capture of Che Guevara and his real killer, and the overthrow of Salvador Allende.“Stories about him permeated the Agency”, remembered CIA agent Tom Clines. “If the U.S. government as a matter of policy needed someone or something neutralized, Dave would do it, including things that were repugnant to a lot of people.” E. Howard Hunt.

In November 2006, BBC’s Newsnight presented a report by filmmaker Shane O’Sullivan, alleging that three senior CIA operatives were present at the Ambassador Hotel on the night Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated: JMWAVE Chief of Operations David Morales, Chief of Maritime Operations Gordon Campbell, and Chief of Psychological Warfare Operations, George Joannides. The program featured an interview with Morales’s former attorney, Robert Walton, who quoted Morales as having said, “I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard”.

James Files / Sutton: Worked for both the Chicago mob as well as the CIA, with David Atlee Philip as his personal handler. He was recruited to Operation 40 by George Bush Sr, and appointed to be the backup shooter behind the picket fence in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd, 1963, from where he fired the final headshot which blew out the brains of JFK.

He was two years earlier the one who drove hitman Chuckie Nicoletti and two other mafia killers to the airport in Chicago, on their way to be part of taking out Marilyn Monroe. He was present when Chilean president Salvador Allende was murdered on September 11, 1973, and later delivered the bomb that killed Orlando Letelier at Embassy Row in Washington DC, on September 21, 1976. That and so much more.

Féliz “Max” Rodríguez Mendigutia: A former Cuban cop under the Batista regime, a notorious “freedom fighter”who later became a key Iran Contras operative and a special confidant of President George Herbert Walker Bush. Was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam and later involved in much of the illegal drug handling around the Mena airstrip in Arkansas together with Bill Clinton and Barry Seal among others, as well as being in charge of the capture and execution of Che Guevara. Since 2004 president of the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association.

Frank Fiorini, a.k.a. “Frank Sturgis”: CIA-operative, mercenary. Heavily involved in planned attacks on Fidel Castro, the Bay of Pigs invasion, the JFK assassination and later, a member of the team that broke into the Watergate complex in 1972.

Orlando Bosch, a.k.a. “Dr. Death”: Founder of the counterrevolutionary Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations that organized the 1976 murder of Chilean former minister, Orlando Letelier. Bosch was also present in Dallas at the JFK assassination as well as guilty of hundreds of bombs and terror acts against Spain, England, Japan, Mexico, Poland, and other countries that traded with Cuba.

Barry Seal: Was recruited at the age of 17 along with Lee Oswald, by CIA agent, David Ferrie. According to his wife, Deborah, “Barry Seal flew a getaway plane out of Dallas after JFK was killed”. Barry Seal was a very successful cocaine smuggler and helped facilitate the exchange of drugs for arms in support of the Contras in Nicaragua. He also helped launder that drug money in some of the Arkansas banks tied to the Bill Clinton family.

Seal was later willing to testify against George H. W. Bush in the matter, and was shot dead in his car on 19th February, 1986, just a few days before Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was taken out.

Luis “El Bambi“ Posada Carriles: Cuban-born anti-communist extremist. CIA agent involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion and many other covert operations. Was present in Dallas on Nov 22, 1963.convicted in absentia in Panama of various terrorist attacks and plots in the Americas, including the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed seventy-three people.

Admitted involvement in a string of bombings in 1997 that targeted fashionable Cuban hotels and nightspots. A key figure in the Iran-Contra scandal alongside Felix Rodriguez. In addition, he was jailed under accusations related to an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro in Panama in 2000. Has been referred to as “one of the most dangerous terrorists in recent history” and the “godfather of Cuban exile violence.”

Porter Goss: Later appointed to CIA Director by President Bush, only to mysteriously resign. He served for a time as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Goss was a co-sponsor of the US Patriot Act and a co-chair of the Joint 9/11 Intelligence Inquiry. Goss was also present at the infamous breakfast meeting at the Capitol, on the morning of September 11, 2001, with General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of the Pakistani ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence).

Marita Lorenz: Operation 40’s only female member. Had an affair with Fidel Castro and was part in an attempt on his life. She later had a child with the Venezuelan former dictator, Marcos Pérez Jiménez. In the 1970s she testified about the John F. Kennedy assassination, stating that she was involved with a group of anti-Cuban militants, including Lee Harvey Oswald, shortly before the assassination.

Tosh Plumlee: Piloted and co-piloted clandestine CIA flights for over 31 years. Picked up Johnny Roselli from Tampa, Florida, early on 22nd November, 1963. After picking up three more men in New Orleans, Plumlee took them to Redbird Airport in Dallas. In an interview in April, 1992, Plumlee claimed that he was told that the objective was “to abort the assassination” of John F. Kennedy.

Herminio Diez Garcia: Worked as a bodyguard for mafia boss, Santos Trafficante. Killed “Pipi” Hernandez in 1948 at the Cuban Consulate in Mexico. In 1957 he was involved with an assassination attempt against President Jose Figures of Costa Rica. Diez Garcia was also part in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro. Diaz Garcia moved to the United States in July, 1963, where he worked for Tony Varona, another infamous member of Operation 40. Believed to be one of the shooters/spotters on the 6th floor in the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas.

“Handsome Johnny” Roselli: Middleman between the Mob and the CIA, worked with Mob figures like Al Capone in the 1920s, Meyer Lansky, and was later a close associate of Santos Trafficante. Is said nto have been in the DalText-building when JFK was shot, next to shooter Chuckie Nicoletti and possibly George Herbert Walker Bush!Ended up cut into pieces, stuffed in an oil barrel. In an interview in April, 1992, Tosh Plumlee claimed that Roselli had been killed because he knew too much.

Virgilio Paz Romero: Member of the Cuban Nationalist Movement, sentenced to 12 years in prison, 1991, for the assassination of Orlando Letelier. Dionisio Suarez, James Files, Guillermo and Ignacio Novo, and Alvin Ross Diaz were also implicated by CIA and DINA operative, Michael Townley. Both George H. W. Bush and Henry Kissinger have later been directly connected to this hideous act of terror. Paz was also in connection to the Robert Smit-murder in South Africa, the assassinations of General Carlos Prats in Chile, Minister of Defence Oscar Bonilio and the hit on Bernardo Leighton and his wife.

Jose Joaquin “Felix” Sangenis Perdomo: Chief of Police during Cuban President Carlos Prio’s regime. Member of Brigade 2506 during the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Worked closely with Frank Sturgis for many years on CIA’s payroll. Is cited by multiple sources as the doorman on duty at John Lennon’s Dakota residence on the night in 1980 when the rock star was murdered. Doorman Jose Perdomo was standing to the left of Lennon, patsy Mark Chapman to the right. All shots that hit Lennon were fired from the left. The hit is claimed to have been planned by Ted “Blond Ghost” Shackley.

Eladio “Lado” Ceferino del Valle: Allegedly involved in the JFK assassination as a shooter on the sixth floorof the Texas School Book Depository, together with Herminio Diez Garcia and Richard Cain from the Chicago mafia.He was violently murdered on the same day as David Ferrie.

Guillermo “Mister Bill” Novo Sampol: Has taken part in countless violent acts of terror, together with his brother Ignacio, Sentenced to life imprisonment for his involvement in the murder of Orlando Letelier. However, his conviction was later overturned.

Ignacio Novo Sampol. In 1964, he fired a bazooka at the United Nations building as Ernesto “Che” Guevara prepared to address the General Assembly. Both brothers were in two cars coming from Miami, filled with weapons for the Kennedy-hit. It was from one of these cars that Rose Cheramie was thrown out near Eunice, Louisiana (see the film JFK.

William Seymour: Experienced soldier, took part in training exiled Cubans for attacks on Cuba. Member of Interpen. Accused by some researchers of having been part of the JFK assassination and is regarded as one of the men who on several occasions impersonated Lee Harvey Oswald.

Bernard L. Barker: Heavily involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Deputy Seymour Weitzman identified Bernard Barker as the fake Secret Service Agent behind the fence just seconds after JFK was shot. Later worked for the FBI. Was one of the Watergate burglars.

Antonio Veciana: Cuban exile, founder of CIA-backed Alpha 66. Had close connections with David Atlee Philips. Named in E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession as one of the key participants in the planning of the JFK assassination.

Tom Clines: Joined Ted Shackley, David Atlee Phillips, and David Sanchez Morales at JM WAVE, the CIA’s operational headquarters in Miami for Operation Mongoose. During the Vietnam War, Clines worked as Ted Shackley’s deputy in charge of the CIA’s secret war in Laos. In 1972, Clines was put in charge of CIA operations in Chile, and helped overthrow President Salvador Allende. Later, a key person in the Iran-Contras scandal. In 1977 he stood accused of shipping 42,000 pounds of the plastic explosive C-4 directly to Libyan dictator, Moammar Gaddafi.

Eugenio “Muscolito” Martinez: One of the convicted Watergate burglars.

Jorge Mas Canosa: Dedicated to overthrow Castro, firs in armed plots and then in the halls of Congress. Became a familiar presence on Capitol Hill and for years Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton sought his advice on Cuban affairs to such an extent that many critics considered him the principal architect of a very rigid American policy.

Edwin P. Wilson: CIA office. who was later convicted of illegally selling weapons to Libya.

Virgilio “Villo” Gonzalez: One of the Watergate burglars.

Rafael “Chi Chi” Quintero: In an article published in Granma 2006, Rafael Quintero stated: “If I was to tell what I know about Dallas and the Bay of Pigs, it would be the greatest scandal that has ever rocked the nation.”

José Dionisio “Bloodbath” Suárez Esquivel: Convicted for the murder of Chilean Marxist leader Orlando Letelier. Michael Townley placed the bomb underneath the car. Suarez Esquivel and his accomplice, Virgilio Paz, detonated it.

Manuel Artime Buesa: A political leader of Brigade 2506 land forces in the Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961. Later, organized the Miami Watergate Defense Relief Fund for the Watergate burglars.

Jose Miguel “El Padrino” Battle: A former policeman in Batista’s Cuba. Assisted the CIA in training Cuban exiles. Took part in the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Built up a massive crime syndicate and was listed with a net worth of $175 million.

Andres Nazario Sargent: The principal leader of Alpha 66, an anti-Cuban terrorist organization, founded in 1962.

Close associates:

Felipe Vidal Santiago: Aka “Charles Morgan”, directly involved in the JFK assassination as the man standing waving in front of the so-called Umbrella Man, mercenary Roy Hargraves, who marked the exact point for the crossfire.Years later he appeared in Stockholm, searching for potential killers for the Olof Palme hit.

Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo: Member of Brigade 2506. Worked with David Morales in many raids. Mercenary Gerry Hemming claimed that “Tony” was the spotter in the DalTex-building, in Dallas, 1963.

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