Live Webinar: Embracing Change Original

Join us for a webinar with ‘music legend’ and DJ Mark Devlin as he delves into the mysterious world of the Illuminati and its influence on the music industry. Mark has spent years researching and analyzing the hidden messages and symbols in popular music, and in this webinar, he will share his insights with you. He will also provide a detailed analysis of the Tavistock Institute’s construction of The Beatles and their impact on society.

This is a rare opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the hidden forces that shape the music industry and our culture as a whole. Don’t miss out on this enlightening and thought-provoking event with Mark Devlin. Should he not be able to join us live, due to his busy schedule, we will present a pre-recorded interview, answering as many of your questions as possible.

Should you not be able to join us live, don’t worry, just sign up below and you will get the recording sent afterwards. Any questions you would like to as, please email to [email protected].

Sunday the 5th of March
5 am PST (Los Angeles)
8 am EST (New York)
1 pm (London)
2 pm (Paris, Stockholm)
9 pm (Indonesia)
12 am Monday (Melbourne, Australia)

Here are just a few testimonials from earlier webinars:

Thank you so so much for a webinar in world class, among the best I have ever seen online. So uplifting and inspiring!
Lena in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ole, what a thrill for me to hear you! I am born of the Holy Spirit, so when I hear the Truth, I know it, and brother, I have always loved and appreciated you for your desire and commitment to get at the Truth, and speak it!
Joaquin, USA

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