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Capitol Shooting Exposed as Hollywood Stunt

Ashli Babbit Capitol Shooting Exposed as Hollywood Stunt Compelling analysis of video clips reveal a botched attempt at a Hollywood-style capitol shooting drama. Is Ashli Babbitt alive and well? — Babbit was initially identified as …

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The Octopus of Global Control!

By Neenah Payne The Octopus of Global Control is a 2017 book by Charlie Robinson which has eerie relevance for the events of 2020. Robinson is also the co-author of The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire — an …

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The Chaos IS The Plan

by James Corbett corbettreport.com November 8, 2020 Congratulations, Americans! The media that declares the winners of your (s)elections have reported that the voting machines that decide the winner of your (s)elections have (s)elected Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. to become the 46th …

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